Brentwood Avenue Entertainment Keeps Its Focus on Family Films

A Christmas Tree Miracle (2013)

Robin Capehart, former president of West Liberty University in West Liberty, West Virginia, currently serves as executive producer working with Brentwood Avenue Entertainment (BAE). Robin Capehart, a long-time West Virginian, also previously served in the West Virginia state cabinet, and as an attorney.

Brentwood Avenue Entertainment produces and distributes high-quality feature films accessible to the whole family. The faith-focused company exists in order to disprove the idea that only movies with highly mature themes and gratuitous violence can find an audience. Capehart’s roster of films includes The Pledge, a 2011 movie about a young man discovering the true meaning of patriotism through doing community service work with older veterans. It also includes A Christmas Tree Miracle (2013), about how a family rediscovered the value of staying connected to one another when material success is suddenly lost.

Capehart’s other films include Believe, released in 2016. That movie centers on a family who seemingly has everything. When the father of the family loses his high-paying job, material standards decline. Yet living without their former income challenges the family to put their trust in their values instead of their wallet. Capehart and his company, BAE, continues to work on new projects and is currently developing the movie The Monday Club.