AAA Rolls Out New Three-Person Panel Guidelines

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American Arbitration Association

Throughout his career Robin Capehart has served as an attorney, consultant, tax reform advocate, and president of West Liberty University, near Wheeling, West Virginia. In addition to his experience as a litigator and executive, former West Liberty president Robin Capehart served as a member of the Panel of Arbitrators with the American Arbitration Association.

The American Arbitration Association recently rolled out a new set of rules and guidelines parties can use when they are required to have a three-party panel of arbitrators to preside over a case. Under the new system, each party in the case works with a single member of the panel throughout the bulk of the process, meeting only with the full three-member panel when evidence is to be presented or the final award is handed out.

There are two different tracks that can be used in the new guidelines. In the first option, the parties work together to choose the entire panel, with one member appointed to serve as chair. The chair will be the primary arbitrator during the early phases of arbitration. The second option allows parties to select only one arbitrator who will, again, handle all the procedures in the early stages of the case. Later, the parties will coordinate with AAA to seat the other two members of the panel no less than 60 days prior to any hearings in which the full panel needs to be assembled.