School of Professional Studies Offers an Applied Learning Environment

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West Liberty University

Robin Capehart serves as the president of Fleet Solutions International, a heavy equipment remarketing company headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. Prior to accepting his position at Fleet Solutions, Robin Capehart increased admission enrollment and fostered academic success as the president for West Liberty University. Programs developed during his tenure included the School of Professional Studies.

The School of Professional Studies (SoPS) enables students to pursue degree programs that emphasize applied learning and cultivate skills relevant to professional work. Program faculty possess an extensive background in the fields they teach and draw upon their personal knowledge and experience to create dynamic courses. Designed for undergraduate and graduate students that lead busy lives, the program also facilitates learning by allowing students to draw on their current skills and knowledge pools.

Adult students who enroll receive the benefit of a flexible academic schedule that enables them to pursue any undergraduate degree, provided they complete all required classes. SoPS undergraduate programs incorporate courses that accommodate the life of busy adults, such as evening and Saturday classes. In addition, programs offer credit for prior learning experiences and encourage adult students to employ skills and information acquired from previous college coursework. SoPS currently offers three degree programs: the regents bachelor of arts, bachelor of applied science, and a bachelor of arts in organizational leadership and administration.